Men’s Conferences – A Little Weird If You’re An Outsider…

Guys hugging each other, patting each other on the back, crying and talking about stuff like love (ewww). If you’re an outsider who just happened to stumble upon the 200+ guys at the conference I’m attending this weekend in Estes Park, Colorado, you might wonder what the heck is going on. Quite honestly, you might think these guys are a bunch of pansies. Trust me, I’m not one for getting all gushy and huggy. I like a nice safe distance when it comes to chatting with guys. I’ll give the high-five, the  quick  hello-I-haven’t-seen-you-in-a-while-how-have-things-been hug…and the ever-safe and ultra-suave head nod, but everything else is pretty much off the table.

The conference I’ve been attending this week at the YMCA of the Rockies has been good. It’s nice to get away and spend some time being challenged to reflect on what’s important. It’s especially comforting to come back to a place that has significant meaning for me (the YMCA that is) – it’s here at the age of 18 that I first spread my wings, met my wife and eventually proposed to my wife. This place is beautiful and it always gets me in a reflective mood.

In the first session at this conference we were challenged to take back our manhood. Sounds weird huh? Christians in general can be a pretty weird bunch to hang around. We talk about stuff like not being on computers, taking back our “maleness,” and trying to get our wives  to submit. We also talk about being better fathers, being intentional with our wives and overall just making better decisions. Christians can be a weird bunch if you’re an outsider…no doubt. Yet, true believers (older and more mature ones especially) are really some great people to know and engage with. Especially the ones that know when to keep their mouths shut…but that’s for another blog on another day.


2 Responses to “Men’s Conferences – A Little Weird If You’re An Outsider…”

  1. Debbie Campbell Says:

    Can I post your last paragraph to my facebook page?

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