Movie Review: Seven Pounds

My wife brought home a movie last night…not a new one by any stretch, but new to me (with two kids under the age of 6, going to the movies occurs about as frequently as a trip to Disney). We tucked the boys in bed, switched on the XBOX, popped the DVD in and took in the flick. From the beginning it was easy to see how the movie would unfold: Guy makes a mistake, people die, he feels guilty and decides his self-induced penance will be to give away as much of himself (literally) as possible in order to make up for his mistake.

As the movie progressed I have to say that I was delightfully surprised by the thin but pervasive line of tension the producers and writers created. You knew this guy was going to off himself, but the uniqueness of the characters stories that surrounded him and their situations made it extremely interesting.

The main point of the movie was this: I’m going to take my own life, but in doing so I will improve (or save) the lives of others.  Several times during the movie the protagonist (played by Will Smith) asks the people he will eventually be giving his body parts to whether or not they are good people. He even goes at length to test them in such a way in order to ensure that they are truly deserving of the gift they are about the be given.

The movie ended the way I thought it would, but one thought struck me at the conculsion. Jesus was like the protaganist – he gave his life for other people. The main difference with Jesus was that he gave his life for all people, not just the ones that did good stuff or lived  “good” lives. Jesus died for the guy in the movie who was a swindler and a cheat. He also gave his life for guys like Jeffrey Dahmer, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Joseph Stack. God – the creator of the universe – only has one criteria for coming to him to receive life: Faith in his son, Jesus. There is no test, no prereq’s, no good works required – just faith.


One Response to “Movie Review: Seven Pounds”

  1. James Nanakornpanom Says:

    i dont get the 7 pounds, but it was a good movie, i still have not seend avatar in ·3D

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